Any webcam is a nice webcam chat community site with lots of people chatting in a free open community environment.
I would say this is the best design I have seen for a web based webcam community.
And the people do seem to have a nice sense of community spirit
Adult content. Free Membership.
A well designed webcam community site, with lots of chatrooms, member profiles, games, forums and
lots of other things that you would expect from a nicely designed community.
This website utilizes a plugin to form the basis of the website, providing ease of installation. A very impressive site with lots of members to meet and create friendships with.
Similar to AnyWebcam and sharing the same roots,
You can enjoy lots of webcams, and lots of chat rooms at JMeeting and It's Java based interface.
This community website relies solely upon optional donations for funding.
Free Membership.
Camfrog is a very crowded webcam community with lots of users, often crowded into very large rooms.
The cams run at fast speeds.
Free Membership.
A new, and nicely designed webcam community site. Using Flash video, audio and text chatrooms with the option to embed cams, audio and chat onto your homepage.
There are also facilities to display photos, videos and music.
Free Membership.
Free to join, this is a really nice video chat site, featuring lots of rooms with text, cams and audio.
The site is flash and java based, and has plenty of rooms for different purposes. There are plenty of people to chat with, see and hear too.
This looks like a new site. A small and friendly video and audio chatroom that uses flash to
broadcast your cam and mic.
The layout is very efficient and easy to understand.
This is a free webcam community chat site featuring both moderated and unmoderated rooms, though free users are only allowed in the lobby room.
The site uses flash plug-in to broadcast your cam with audio, which means no special software to install.
Shockrooms has a credit system, where you gather credits to host a room, you can then convert those credits to cash.
DateCam features user profiles, lots of different chatrooms, a search function, and only requires the
Flash plugin to broadcast and view cams.
Free Membership.
Camarades also known as World of Webcams
Camarades is one of the original webcam community sites and has been around for many years.
This site provides a family friendly cam environment. There are lots of cams available to view,
Many different types of cams, either for social purposes or simply for imagery
There is adult content, but it is not at the forefront of the website.
This site is similar to Camarades and is a family friendly webcam community.
Free dedicated software is required to use the site.
You can customise your webcam page and your cam image.
The software allows you to see who is viewing via a viewerlist which allows you to open the cam
of the person watching you.
Earthcam TV
A large webcam community that has been around for awhile.
Membership is free. You can view a lot of the cams without having a membership,
however membership is required to visit the chat rooms.
There are many cams here, and lots are of adult nature.
A nice cam chat community site. There's a large list of cams
for people who are members. But this list is not always up to date. There is one single friendly community chatroom.
This is not a commercial website.
After some initial teething problems, this site is now taking off nicely, and the chatrooms are starting to
fill up with a friendly group of people. A nice interface, and good atmosphere. Well worth a look.
Free Membership.
You must sign up with this free site to see the webcams.
It requires dedicated webcam software, which evolved from the original Cornell-White Pines
Cu-Seeme reflector based technology which was more popular earlier in this decade.
This allows you to view up to 8 cams at the same time, with access to text and audio chat. Free Membership.
Camvoice is a commercial webcam chat site. With easy signup.
Flash is used to broadcast your webcam and sound.
Adult content is usually found on the cams.
Free access lasts for 20 minutes, then required to wait for 15 minutes before you can join again.
Unless you purchase a membership.
A small, free webcam community.
Works with WebcamXP software, no adult material is allowed.
making it suitable for general audiences.
This busy webcam community features moderated and unmoderated areas,
with lots of text chat rooms and also an audio chatroom.
Free Membership.
A free cam chat community that uses flash to broadcast your cam and audio.
This webcam community is still waiting for people to inhabit it. GlobalnetVillage
This free cam site doesn't have it's own webcam software, but works with alongside
Yahoo Messenger, KoolKam, Webcam32, Webcam 2000, Windows Media, and WebcamXP_Flash.
There are options to include information in personal profiles. Chat and messaging are easy to access.
Not really a webcam community, but a vast nexxus of independant webcams for you to choose from.
Free Membership.


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