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Current Version: 1.7

Supercharge your webcam with a ton of extra features that your
webcam manufacturer never dreamed of!!
Whether you have a webcam or not, webcamAMP offers you
powerful webcam enhancements
like adding text, special effects, video or image slideshows to your webcam,
along with hundreds of other options, too numerous to fully explain here.
Youve got to try it yourself to really understand.
webcamAMP will help ensure that your webcam will definitely
not look like everyone elses, if you don't want it to.

Stand out in the Crowd...Use webcamamp!

Download webcamAMP - The Webcam Amplifier today and see how it can
turn your webcam into a Super-Webcam

-Send live webcam to multiple programs simultaneously
-Webcam emulation (no webcam required)
(This is a creative tool, deceiving others by pretending
to be someone else is not endorsed or supported)
-Add arrays of text to your webcam image
-Overlay files
over your cam image with adjustable opacity
-SWF file support for custom "smart" overlays
-200 built in dynamic overlays
-Customizable keyboard shortcuts for quick actions
-Capture a window or region of desktop and use it as overlay
-Adjust color balance to cam image and overlays (seperately)
-Change your cam image with combinable Special FX
-Dynamic Floating Emoticon Mood Overlays
-Draw freehand on your camera image
-Save images and video of your cam sessions
-Send cam to your own webpage with internal webcast server
-Resize your cam and overlay images within the main frame
-Zoom in on a region of your cam image
-Bluescreen (put yourself in front of video/image background)
-Combined VFW and DirectX Driver (for extra compability)